Beautiful Peonies For Sale

With beautiful crisp mornings and soft autumn afternoon light, it is now time at the Weston Farm to start lifting our peonies.

I have hired an excavator to assist in the lifting our peony stock, as the root system and sheer size of the plant it is to labour intensive to dig by hand.

Each Plant is then divided into smaller tubers each, having around 2 to 3 eyes.They are placed in the cool store, ready for sale or to be planted back into the ground at Weston Farm.



With our everlasting Indian Summer, conditions have been favourable this year for our digging and dividing.

As last year as many of you will remember the continual rain, which prevented us from lifting any of our peony varieties.

So yes, stocks and varieties will be limited. So don’t delay in placing an order or showing your interest.

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